3 Poems About Feeling Emotions in the Moment, Including ”By the Way”


I’m so depressed.
there is something wrong,
something wrong,
something wrong.

Is it that I have no friends?
Is it that I’m alone?
Or is it that there is
something wrong with my phone?

I’m so depressed.
I’m all alone,
I have no job,
I have no life.

I’m alone
without a life,
without fun,
just lots of strife.

Is there something wrong within me?
Are my thoughts doing me in?
Is this mood causing me grief,
or is it that I don’t try enough?

It is that I don’t exercise
and eat too much,
for physical discomfort
and emotional hurt?

Should I move more
and eat less?
And think positively
and socialize?

With no effort,
I sit in my chair
waiting for the day
to go by.

I like the nothingness that I am,
a nobody doing nothing,
wasting away time
that doesn’t exist.

So here we all are
in this same moment,
as I allow my depression
to be what it is.

I’ve set myself free
to feel alone and be sad,
my right to be as I am
in this moment with you.

The Best Is Yet to Come

The best is yet to come,
with flowers and fun.
Acceptance and care,
we’ll all be happy there.

Trusting in the self
and following our inner knowing.
Celebrating emotions
with intuition freely flowing.

Growing things
and going slow.
Barefoot midnight walks
and campfire talk.

Connection, with nowhere to go.
A heartfelt dedication
to this moment,
and nothing more.

Take my hand
and we’ll go there.
Here, right now,
where we already are
and always were.

No need for time
to get things done,
as we do this and then that
at a natural, unhurried pace.

The best is yet to come:
a world that is loving and safe,
when we see that together we are one,
in love, in beauty, in tears.

By the Way

I love you,
I do,
right now.

And right now
is all we have
all there is.

So me loving you,
right now,
my present-moment experience.

If this feeling of love for you
that I feel right now
is all there is,
then I have everything.

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